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Welcome to Christ High School

Christ high school is a Christian Mission School established in 1994. it aims at producing men and women that will impact the world positively.

The school is opened to all children who are ready to be nurtured in all areas that will produce in them the character they needed to be a future executive. this vision forms the basis on which Christ High School policies are made.

Your admission into this school is a positive step to your brilliant and great future. we wish that you take full advantage of all that the school offers you. You must Cooperate with the school fully to achieve this goal.

Rights and Responsibilities

1. All students/pupils have the rights to education, as such, no student should deny another student to these right.

a. The right to ask questions in class and receive helpful answers without being shouted             down

b. The right to sit down on a seat without being chased by any bully-student. Bullying is   not tolerated in CHS

c. The right to participate in class group work or project without rejection by fellow students.

2. The school holds the power to determine which attitude is a breach to a student’s rights.

3. All Students/pupils have the responsibility of portraying the school in a positive light as    ambassadors.

4. All students/pupils are free to make positive observations in line with their studies through the appropriate channel (either verbally or in writing). Confrontation of teachers by students/pupils is highly prohibited and seriously viewed as an offence.;

5. Teachers are to serve as guides to you in your educational journey, so give them your    maximum co-operation, attention, and should not be discouraged.

Core Values

Hard work: there is no success in life without hard work, as such, our students are trained to put efforts, concentrate on and me determined to achieve their goals in life academically and otherwise.

Honesty/truthfulness: For us in CHS there is no substitute for sincerity. therefore our students are expected to demonstrate honesty and truthfulness in all matters, whether big or small.

Character: good character is priceless in life. it aids in attaining as well as sustaining enduring success. therefore they must strive to succeed the right way. No examination malpractice is tolerated in Christ High School. In fact this is outrageously abhorred.

Respect: this refers to a polite and right behavior towards others. All Christ High School students are expected to be respectful towards people they come i contact with in life e.g. Parents, teachers, fellow students, workers in school and other people.

Courtesy: All CHS students are expected to be gentle, polite and courteous in their conduct as well as speech towards people. they must learn to use words like thank you, am sorry, please, excuse me etc. whenever it is appropriate to do so.

Attitude: The difference between those who succeed and those who fail in life is attitude. one’s attitude will either make him or break him. Right attitude is required ol all Christ High School students. They must think right, talk right, walk and work right and live right in other to get right result and end up the right way in life. No bad and unwholesome attitude is tolerable in CHS.

Integrity: This refers to being honest and having strong moral principles, our students must be people of unquestionable character. they must be noted for transparency. their words should be their bond(promise) in school and outside the school. they must be trustworthy, reliable and dependable.

Morals: this refers to standards and principles of good behavior. CHS Students must be students of high moral standing. As such, indecent dressing and inappropriate behavior towards the opposite sex is not tolerated in CHS. Moreover, all students should be distinguished for:

i. Not being ashamed to stand for the truth when it is unpopular.

ii. Refusing to do wrong because everyone is doing it.

iii. Being able to say NO although the rest of the world says YES to a situation or anything that he/she sees and believes is negative to his/her well being and society at large.

iv. Passion for excellence in all they do. CHS promotes a balanced life for the students by encouraging them in the areas and principles of 4 great love.

– Love for God

– Love for the family

– Love for the country

– Love for work

Your 3 Ds of success; a must for future executives:

– Determination

– Diligence

– Discipline